In the summer of 1984, Raven Bitch made its first public appearances.  Two of their first three appearances would come courtesy of fellow Janesville band Sweet Talker.  For their first appearance, Raven Bitch hopped up on stage during one of Sweet Talkers breaks at the Gin Mill in Janesville to play a short 20 minute set.  They played a couple of instrumentals, and a few other songs with Chris Rossiter singing lead.  The band was very well received, and they were invited back to the Gin Mill to perform at a benefit concert a couple of weeks later.  Their third appearance was again during Sweet Talkers break at the Janesville 4th of July celebration at Traxler Park.  Denny Gillespie joined the band as their first lead singer for these two appearances.

During this time, Chris Rossiter was sharing an apartment with Sweet Talkers lighting technician Jeff Scott.  As personal tensions with Steve Mueske eventually led to his departure from the band, Jeff Scott stepped in to take his place late in the summer of 1984. Home

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