About This Site
Raven Bitch was a band from Janesville Wisconsin that formed in the early 80s, and played heavy metal throughout Wisconsin and the midwest from 1984-1988.  For reasons that I cannot fully understand, the memory of this band seems to be firmly entrenched in the minds of many people.  As I sit here 20 years after the band played its last show, I can tell you that I receive inquiries, hear stories, get asked questions, read strange rumors and reports on the web, and have the topic of Raven Bitch brought up to me in conversation on at least a monthly basis.  I receive email requests from literally all over the world from people asking about our Tear Down The Walls e.p., which is selling for hundreds of dollars a copy.  Ive sold a few copies  myself.

Ive also kept in touch off and on with most of the former members of the band, and each of them has told me that they have lost almost everything they had relating to the band, including pictures, recordings, etc.  Since Ive managed to keep most of my mementos of this time, since there still seems to be such interest in this band, and since it has become so easy to assemble and publish this stuff on the web....I thought Id share what I have, and maybe try to answer a few questions and set a few records straight in the process.

If you have anything you would like to add to this site, I would appreciate any contributions of pictures, recordings, videos, information, or corrections.  I know of one video in particular that was filmed at the Jabberwocky in 1986 that I would love to get a copy of.  I only saw it once...and then it disappeared.  If you have it...you know the one Im talking about.  Greg.

Please send inquiries to archive@ravenbitch.commailto:archive@ravenbitch.comshapeimage_2_link_0