1983 During the summer of 1983 in Janesville Wisconsin, drummer Greg Kalember was introduced to guitarist Steve Mueske by Gregs older brother Mike.  Mike had convinced Steve that he should check out his little brother since he was looking to start a band.  Steve was hesitant since Greg was only 14 years old, but he showed up in Gregs basement and they clicked right away.  

After they wrote a few songs, and after unsuccessfully trying to convince a few locally established bass players to join the forming band, Steve asked Jim Beam, an acquaintance from school, if he would be interested in the fledgling project.  Beam had just started playing electric bass after years of playing upright bass in school orchestras.  With rock solid timing and a disciplined approach to his playing, Beamer was a perfect fit for the style of music Greg and Steve were writing, and the three of them became Night Hunter, a name taken from an album title by the band Picture. Home

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