1983 Earlier in 1983, Gregs brother Mike was playing with another Janesville area band along with fellow future Raven Bitch members Bobby Schumacher and Denny Gillespie.  While they were trying to name their band, Bobby had come up with Raven Bitch.  Ultimately, they decided that name was to heavy for their band and they went with Sweet Talker.  As soon as Greg heard the name, he knew it was perfect for Night Hunter.  With Bobbys blessing, Night Hunter adopted its new name, Raven Bitch. Home

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Bob Schumacher agrees to let Night Hunter use Raven Bitch as their name while Greg pounds double kick hands on his shoulder.  Fall 1983 Chris and Greg:  Rehearsing in Gregs basement.  Fall 1983 1985 1986
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