invited his friend Jim Beam to come jam with them.  Mueske had seen Chris Rossiter playing with other bands around the Janesville Wi. area, and found out where he was living.  After dropping by one day... uninvited... he somehow managed to convince Chris to come to a rehearsal.  The four of them then spent the next year and a half writing 12 originals and learning dozens of covers.  After all of that, Steve only played  three shows with the band before he was replaced by Jeff Scott.  Unfortunately, Steve was the victim of typical incestuous rock band drama involving girlfriends, roommates, gossip, and lies.  Mueske recorded three tracks with Mike and Greg Kalember a few years later, and Dan Witt wound up fronting Steves band Scarlet Winter shortly after the demise of Raven Bitch. Timeline

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Steve Mueske was Raven Bitchs first guitar player.  Steve started playing with Greg Kalember in 1983, and he